Changing Oil on Dirt Bikes at Camp

June 3, 2020

Garrett Weeks (aka Milo McFly) demonstrates how to change the oil on a TTR 110 dirt bike at the Island Lake Dirt Bike Barn. This video gives step by step directions as Garrett names the tools and supplies you need to do the job.

About Garrett

Garrett Weeks was working in finance when God tapped him on the shoulder and showed him a job posting from CRISTA Camps. Garrett was excited about the opportunity to work with kids and dirt bikes because he used to race dirt bikes. It turned out he was exactly who Island Lake Camp needed to fill the job of directing its Trail Bike Program.

Garrett ran the Trail Bike Program at camp for four years. During that time, he maintained 32 motorcycles and taught 3,000 kids a year how to ride. He became very safety focused and approached the job with great responsibility, teaching kids to do the same. But more than that, Garrett was a father figure for many young boys who do not have a healthy and involved dad in their lives. He loved the guys and mentored them. He also led the volunteer program for dirt bikes called 4M—Motorcycle Mechanic Men’s Ministry.