Learning about Pacific Northwest Trees with Flora and Fauna

April 8, 2020

Here’s a valuable 5-minute video to start your homeschool SCIENCE lesson today. We suggest watching the delightful Flora and Fauna explain and point out indigenous trees at Camp, and then following up with one or more of these activities:

  • Take a walk with your kids and look at the trees in your neighborhood (Can you find ones shown in the video or are they different? How many can you identify and name? Which are your favorites?)
  • Compare evergreens with deciduous trees — here are some ideas:
    • Evergreens are (as their name implies) green all year long vs. deciduous have leaves that turn from green to brown, fall off and new ones come back
    • Evergreens have thin leaves or needles and deciduous trees have broad leaves
  • Take a photo of each kind of tree you find. Back at home, look them up and make a collage on your computer (www.picmonkey.com is a fun place to start) and label the trees.
  • Take a small sample from each tree — pick up a leaf or pine needle from the ground beneath it — and mount it on cardboard or trace it on paper at home, and label it.
  • Imagine your ideal back yard — which trees would you like to have in it? Which would make the best tree to hang a swing from? Which would make the best home for a fort?

Enjoy these ideas and let us know other ideas that you and your kids come up with!

Photo by Dave on Unsplash
Content provided by CRISTA Camps