Ten Things to do with Your Kids at Home

March 17, 2020

As a parent myself, I know the cancellation of schools, sports and events is impacting our families. It can be stressful, but I want you to know CRISTA CAMPS is here for you, and our team is praying for you.

We have a few activities for you that you can do at home with your kids, no matter their age. I hope these tips help you make new memories with your family.

1. Make a Daily Schedule.

Children thrive with stability and when they know what to expect. To provide this, have your children help you make a daily schedule with specific activities laid out for your family to follow. Decide on as much as you can together, and then write it down and post it on your refrigerator or another prominent spot. An example of what your daily schedule may look like:

8 a.m. – breakfast
9 a.m. – schoolwork and working from home
Noon – lunch
1 – 3 p.m. – schoolwork (depending on the ages of your kids and what is required of them) OR time outside taking a walk together or playing in the backyard or something else that allows you to get fresh air
3 p.m. relax and do whatever you want to do
5 p.m. dinner
6 p.m. family time
10 p.m. bedtime

2. Build a Fort.

Even if your kids are teenagers! Pull together tables and chairs and drape blankets over them to create your own hiding place(s). Then sit inside and do your work (and their schoolwork) together on laptops, with flashlights, or from ambient light through the blankets.

3. Have a Cook Off.

Challenge yourself and your kids to use whatever ingredients they can find in your pantry and refrigerator to come up with a meal together. Let everyone choose the part they want to make and go for it.

4. Dust off those board games and play them, allowing every person to choose their favorite. Put a puzzle out on your dining room table and put it together as a family.

5. Have your child teach you their favorite video game and play it with them. Become an expert—or at least learn enough to hold your own—so you can really compete.

6. Read a book together, taking turns reading it aloud to each other.

7. Have a movie-a-thon or watch a TV series online together.

8. Explore your child’s interests and give her or him time to share them with you. If they’re into music, listen to their favorites with them (and then share yours). If they like art or doing crafts, join them and let them lead.

9. Make movies together with your mobile phones – explore slow-motion and other features – then enjoy watching them together and laughing.

10. Get out the Legos and create a city on your living room floor.

Hey, please share these tips with the families in your world! Let’s get through this together.

Shane Carlson,
Head of Camp