An Important Announcement About Island Lake

Last Updated: July 30, 2021

To our CRISTA Camps Community,

I know that our ministry holds a special place in your heart, and I would like to share an important update on the future of Island Lake and Miracle Ranch.

For nearly 50 years CRISTA Camps has operated at two different properties on the Kitsap Peninsula: Miracle Ranch in Port Orchard, and Island Lake in Poulsbo. We have been blessed to shine the light of Christ to hundreds of thousands of guest campers at these two locations.

In recent decades, the camps industry has seen declining numbers nationally, resulting in a significant number of camps closing their doors. Over the last several years, CRISTA has spent a great deal of time in prayer and evaluation regarding how to make CRISTA Camps sustainable and show the love of Christ to future generations of campers. The impact of COVID has expedited the need to find a solution.

Among many considerations has been the consolidation of our camp locations to strengthen the overall experience we are able to offer year-round. A few months ago, CRISTA was approached by a local group interested in acquiring our Island Lake property for the purposes of development in the surrounding residential community.

After a significant amount of consideration, prayer, and careful vetting, CRISTA has entered into an agreement to sell the Island Lake property with an anticipated close date of October 31. This sale provides a potential game-changing opportunity to benefit the long-term sustainability and future of CRISTA Camps.

By focusing our Camps ministry to one location and investing new resources into Miracle Ranch, we have a chance to reset and build a more viable and successful Camps ministry. I want to assure you that we would not be moving forward with selling the Island Lake property if we did not feel it puts us in a position to strengthen the future of CRISTA Camps.

Given the close proximity between Island Lake and Miracle Ranch, we are confident that we will be able to continue to serve the entire Kitsap peninsula even as we move to consolidate operations to one property.

All 2021 summer camps and activities currently scheduled at both Miracle Ranch and Island Lake will continue as planned. In the coming months, the Camps staff will be working to evaluate which Island Lake components may be able to transition to Miracle Ranch. In 2016, CRISTA was able to acquire 30 acres adjacent to the Miracle Ranch property. That acquisition will be integral as we evaluate what our renowned horsemanship—and possibly motocross bike—program offerings could look like in the future at Miracle Ranch.

As we prepare to close one chapter and begin writing a new one for CRISTA Camps, I want to thank you for your generosity and ask that you join me in praying for our Camps ministry.

With gratitude,

Jacinta Tegman
CEO, CRISTA Ministries