Year-Round Internships

We are hoping to re-open CRISTA Camps in May. We can’t wait to see campers again and experience all that God wants to do at Camps this summer! Please keep checking back to see updates on our Camps Internship Program for more details as we follow state guidelines.

The CRISTA Camps Internship Program

The CRISTA Camps Internship Program exists to develop qualified ministry leaders through service-driven hospitality. This 12-month internship program is the perfect opportunity for a recent college graduate passionate about camping ministry. Interns will gain the skills and experience necessary to become full-time camping and ministry professionals. Our program is built on CRISTA Ministries core values: Christ-Centered, Highly Professional, and Service-Driven. We want to see our interns living fully surrendered to Jesus Christ, committed to achieving excellence in performance, and passionate about meeting others needs.

Challenge & Fortitude

Its common for those wanting to work in camp ministry to serve multiple summers without ever experiencing full-time, year round camp life. Many who are unprepared for the pace of camp ministry experience burnout. The CRISTA Camps internship is structured to build one’s skill and capacity to endure the marathon that is camping ministry. Our interns experience the camping ministry equivalent of boot camp to give them the skills and confidence to juggle future challenges unique to this field, like creating boundaries when you live where you work, repeating years of intense summers, experiencing recurring temporary community, etc.). It is a season of living what you learned in school and doing hard things alongside amazing people who also love what you love. This experience focuses on developing future camping leaders, but can also be beneficial for people pursuing para-church or youth ministry.


The most important aspect of the internship program is spiritual growth. We are all on a journey of learning to be more like Jesus, not to please God, but to live like he meant us to live. We believe the Bible is central to our spiritual growth, therefore, we spend time in God’s word as a community whether we’re sitting down for morning staff devotions, intern classes, or men and women’s Bible study. Each of our interns are paired up with a mentor who checks in regularly to provide encouragement, support, and accountability. As a community, we gather for family dinners and bi-monthly staff gatherings to fellowship with one another.

Ministry Training

Our interns serve in various roles that contribute greatly to the overall mission and vision of CRISTA Camps. Our interns are trained and expected to work in all areas of CRISTA Camps operations. Interns will also be receiving aptitude and gift/talent testing in addition to their performance reviews. The combined results along with personal dialogue will be used to help each intern explore vocational opportunities within camping ministry. Our desire is that each intern would complete his or her internship with a clear sense of God’s calling in their lives and practical skills that will serve them in their future endeavors. These practical skills may include hosting guest groups, creating program or curriculum, facilitating outdoor education, building teams, and housekeeping.