The Jack Geer Internship Program | A Legacy of Passion, Adventure and Love for the Lord

The Jack Geer Internship Program at CRISTA Camps continues a legacy of passion, adventure and a strong love for the Lord that has impacted generations of campers at CRISTA Camps. Our intensive program is named for Miracle Ranch founder Jack Geer, a man who was instrumental in acquiring the first CRISTA Camps property in 1962—through a series of “miracles”—and who served faithfully through work and prayers until his death in 2015 at 100 years old.

At CRISTA Camps we have always held a deep admiration for the dedication Jack Geer showed to serving his community, and our Jack Geer Internship Program honors his legacy by continuing the work he started faithfully so many years ago.

The Program

CRISTA Camps’ year-round internship program is designed for people who are deeply committed to Jesus Christ and desire to join our staff in creating an environment where staff, volunteers, and guests can experience Christ each and every day.

Internships at CRISTA Camps are a life-changing experience; a time where each intern grows spiritually, personally, relationally, and professionally, coming away more energized and prepared for a lifetime of service. In addition, interns experience many facets of the Christian Camping world and can gauge if they see it as a career.

CRISTA Camps is committed to making the year-round internship both challenging and rewarding. Much will be asked and much will be given as we carry out CRISTA Camps’ mission of proclaiming the gospel while building servant leaders.

Internship FAQs

What is expected of a CRISTA Camps intern?

Much will be asked of each intern and much will be given, as they serve Christ in a community of believers.

  • Interns will be involved in Bible study, small groups, worship, sharing and fellowship, all while living and working at Island Lake and Miracle Ranch.
  • The interns’ responsibilities and expectations will build through the school year and culminate in the summer with leadership opportunities among the summer staff.
  • Interns will be challenged to look beyond themselves and serve each other, guest groups and the mission of CRISTA Camps.
  • We ask each intern to serve by giving their time, energy and resources for the duration of the internship. The full-time camp staff also desire to give back by generously giving time, energy, grace, resources and opportunities to each intern.

What is the focus of a CRISTA Camps internship?

As for all believers, the focus of our internships is always on Christ. As interns dive into what it means to be a servant-leader, our interns also commit to focus on discipleship, community and the career that awaits them.
Spiritual Growth
The most important aspect of the year-round internship program is spiritual growth. This can only happen through surrender; surrender to the Lord, surrender to challenging circumstances and struggles, and surrender of self. It is only by God’s grace that we are saved. We are all on a journey of learning to be more like Jesus, not to please God, but to live like he meant us to live. Further, we believe the Bible is central to our spiritual growth and what we desire to do with the intern program.

We take discipleship seriously and hope that through mentorships with those further in the journey, our interns will be able to dig deeper in their spiritual growth and be equipped to disciple others. Interns meet collectively and in small groups, which are designed to be times of exploration into eachother’s lives, and will be key in creating a community defined by love and truth.

A component of discipleship is leadership development. We believe that building the next generation of leaders is one of the most important things we can do. Jesus invested in twelve disciples as the future of the Church. We want to continue that tradition by challenging the interns to understand and grow in their leadership potential. Through many opportunities and challenges, interns are given fertile ground to grow in their ability to lead.

Community—with God and with others—is central to our journey as Christians. We desire for our intern community to be one where they are challenging each other be more like Jesus. This program will include up to 16 interns, who spend their year living, eating and working together. Living in such a unique communal environment is both a blessing and a challenge that requires selflessness. Interns will grow in their understanding of what it means to build deep, caring and healthy relationships with others.

In our current culture, the gap between being teenager and becoming an adult is continuing to grow. We want to reverse this trend by walking alongside the interns as they discover their God-given passions and skills.

Our interns serve in various roles that contribute greatly to the overall mission and vision of CRISTA Camps. Our interns are trained and expected to work in all areas of CRISTA Camps operations. Interns will also be receiving aptitude and gift/talent testing in addition to their performance reviews. The combined results along with personal dialogue will be used to help each intern explore vocational opportunities within ministry. Our desire is that each intern would complete his or her internship with a more clear sense of God’s calling in their lives.

When does the internship program start?

The year-long internship program starts and ends at two different times of the year, between January and December and September and August.

What internship positions are available?

Interns serve in most or all of the following areas; additionally, each intern will work as a team leader in 1-2 of the following areas depending on his or her skills, gifts and personality:

  • Administration (scheduling, registration, pre-camp communication, etc.)
  • Adventure Activities (ropes course, team building, paintball, waterfront, etc.)
  • Horsemanship (feeding, cleaning, wrangling, etc.)
  • Housekeeping (cabin turnover, laundry, general cleaning, etc.)
  • Kitchen (food-prep, store operations and inventory, meal service, etc.)
  • Maintenance (general repairs, landscaping, vehicle operation and maintenance, etc.)
  • Marketing (design, recruiting, events, etc.)
  • Trail Bikes (instruction, maintenance,marketing, etc.)

What does a normal day/week look like for an intern?

Interns work at Island Lake and Miracle Ranch and live in gender-specific housing (primarily based out of Miracle Ranch). During the school year, interns spend one day each week focused on spiritual growth by participating in Bible studies, one-on-ones, and personal time with the Lord. In addition, interns spend five days each week working in their camp department and enjoy one day off without camp or internship responsibilities (local church involvement is strongly encouraged and accommodated where possible).

What is required to apply as a CRISTA Camps intern?

Applicants must be eighteen years of age or older and with a high school diploma. Some positions require the applicant to have completed at least one year of college or equivalent experience.

Do CRISTA Camps interns receive a salary and health insurance?

In addition to the invaluable life experience, year-round interns will be paid a small monthly stipend. Interns also receive room and partial board during the school-season and complete board during the summer camping season.

Health insurance is not provided with the internship.

How long is the application process?

Applicants are considered for positions after we have received a completed application. After you submit your application, you will receive an email requesting your reference information. Once the application process has been completed, applicants should hear back from us within two weeks.

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