Give to CRISTA Camps on #GivingTuesday!

Our goal is to raise $10,000 on #GivingTuesday to make sure Bonnie, Queenie, and our Senior Horses are fully taken care of in this season of hibernation. A generous donor has given $5000 and is challenging the CRISTA Camps family to give generously to reach our goal on Giving Tuesday.

The horses at Miracle Ranch are a powerful tool for reaching campers for Christ. Here’s what one long term donor said:

“Miracle Ranch is where I accepted Christ 46 years ago on my birthday. And I only attended MR because I wanted to ride horses all week long!”

— A long term donor

Thank you for giving generously so campers can experience the joy that horses bring and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Your gift makes an eternal impact!




Breed: Clydesdale

$0 of $10,000.00 goal raised
  • Jobs: Vaulting, professional snacker
  • Buddies: Flash, Quincy

Before being trained as a vaulting horse, Bonnie pulled wagons at Miracle Ranch. She also enjoys stretching her long legs by going out on trail rides.

The Seniors

The Seniors



Breed: Various

$1,594.30 of $10,000.00 goal raised
  • Jobs: Therapeutic riding
  • Buddies: Nikita, Monty, Sterling, Lina

Because of their age, our senior horses require extra feed and care. They have lots of experience and a steadiness needed for younger, more nervous campers.




Breed: Connemara Pony / Arabian

$0.00 of $10,000.00 goal raised
  • Jobs: Arena lessons, pony rides, therapeutic riding
  • Buddies: Hayley, Champ, Selah

CeCe is one of our best all-around horses. She is calm and steady, making her a great horse for every level of rider. She does whatever you ask.