Operation Xtreme

Your gift today will transform the life of a military kid this summer!

In addition to navigating the typical challenges of adolescence, children of service members encounter tough realities of military life such as deployment, separation, and second-hand trauma from parents who suffer from wartime trauma or injury. This is the case for Kaylee, whose mother has suffered from PTSD as a result of bravely serving in the military for 10 years.

Many military kids describe themselves as “lonely” or “disconnected” because they don’t feel understood by the people around them.

Your gift of $40 gives kids like Kaylee with the chance to get away from the stress of life at home to connect with other military kids and hear from counselors about a God who understands and loves them. How beautiful!

Your gift by June 4th transforms the life of a military kid this summer by providing:

  • The chance for a military kid to connect with other military kids who “get it”
  • A stress-free place for military kids to enjoy the great outdoors and just be kids
  • Time with counselors who listen, encourage, and lead
  • The opportunity for a kid to hear about a God who sees, knows, and loves them

Please give your best gift by June 4th to send a military child to Operation Xtreme camp this summer!

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