Keystone Project

Because All Kids Deserve Camp

The Keystone Project from CRISTA Camps has one simple mission: to see apartment communities and the children living in them thrive. By partnering with property manager to send some of their youngest residents to camp, CRISTA Camps creates an incredible experience for kids that builds unity, expands their worldview, and creates a loyalty to the apartment complex that helped send them there.

The Keystone Project is here to help you help your residents. Join in!

How Does Sending Residents to Camp Help My Property?

When connections are made at camp, friendship, respect and loyalty are built.

  1. Kids come to camp as neighbors, and they leave as friends.
  2. These friendships bring the community together.
  3. Parents stay longer at the residence, fostering respect, community and loyalty.
  4. Property Managers see less turnover, and cultivate safer, cleaner, more respectful properties.
  5. Win-Win!

How the Keystone Project Works

  • Property Managers sponsor a set number of residents to attend a spring or summer camp at Island Lake or Miracle Ranch.
  • CRISTA Camps provides transportation, coming to your property on the first day of camp to pick up campers.
  • Child residents all attend camp together, fostering community and growing friendships.
  • Your community grows in respect, friendship and loyalty!

PLUS! CRISTA Camps will come to your property for a free, fun sign-up event to help register kids for camp, complete with a petting zoo, climbing wall, dirt-bike display and more!

See the Return on Your Investment

Look what your gift can do!

A $5,000 investment is enough for 12 resident kids to experience a full week at camp.

With the average monthly rental price in Kitsap County at roughly $1100/month, if these 12 families extended their lease for just one year for a total of $158,400, your return on investment would be $153,400!

And best of all, your youngest residents receive an experience like no other—one they may not ever get without you!

Be a part of the Keystone Project today, and watch your residents and communities thrive!

Contact us today to learn more at [email protected] or call 1-877-974-8378.

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