Our gift to you as a Miracle Horse Club member!

Your FREE Miracle Horse Club Activity Pack

Thank you for joining Miracle Horse Club. As a member of the club, you are impacting campers in powerful ways by taking care of our amazing herd at Miracle Ranch. Your ongoing support provides a rich atmosphere for campers to not only gain confidence and horsemanship skills, but also to be mentored by our wranglers who demonstrate their love for Christ through words and actions.

As a member of MHC, you are entitled to benefits, including priority camp registration, monthly updates on the horse you are sponsoring, and a FREE digital Miracle Horse Club Activity Pack.

This detailed, full-color pack of activities includes photos and artwork, an engaging learning activity in each section, and a poster and coloring page. You and your child will learn …

  • How a horse communicates
  • How to groom a horse and what tools are used in grooming
  • What species are included in the Equus family
  • The variety of breeds of horses
  • The names of every part of a horse
  • The markings on horses
  • How to tie knots used in horsemanship
  • The parts of a saddle and bridle
  • Horse lingo

We hope you enjoy this FREE gift to you! Thank you again for joining us in the Miracle Horse Club.